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A green cat on mossy tree

60/40/1,5/Acrylic on canvas/




I was inspired by the golden autumn 2021 in Perm. That`s why I have used such art material as brass leaf for cat`s eyes and leaves on the background. I like the textures of tree bark. I have taken decorative plaster named "Bark beetle" to show the roughness of the tree. It is covered with moss. The dark green moss makes the trees magical. My ex-boyfriend used to call gray tabby cat as green. I have decided to interpret his words literally. I have chosen green shades for the image of cat`s hair.

Northern Phoenix. 14th December, Norilsk. Designer, 3d-visualizer, painter. Art School (2002). Higher education: the technology of art processing of materials. Exhibitions: Successful art, According to the selfie-method, Ideal summer, СatMania-2022.

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