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Everyone has

oil on canvas


Isaeva (Ditman)

Angelina (Lina)

This picture embodied my thoughts that life is a dance everyone draws himself.
I'm dancing my life the best I can. I choose rhythms and tones by myself.
Life throws me different tubes, repainting my feelings either in black or in white. But the older I get, the oftener more complex tints I create.
When I freeze, colors fade. But if I dance actively, the palette becomes brighter.
And I am not afraid of a great variety of my dance's tints, even dark ones, because my inner light relies on them all.

Lina Ditman lives in Moscow. She attended art school and worked as an illustrator for a newspaper. Having a psychological education, Lina reveals the inner world of a person showing his true undisguised feelings through color and form in her works.

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