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It seemed...

50 x 60, acryl, MixedMedia, canvas




Red summer flew away
Its days of cheerful joy
For me you went unnoticed
And only memories remain.

Now it's raining and slushy outside
Dirt covers the fallen leaves.
Sometimes I want to cry,
To enjoy the summer again.

Artifacts from earth and fallen leaves die, remembering the past summer. A little more and time will wash away the memory, but while it’s still alive, it is like a woman, and her female silhouette, surrounded by butterflies, looks back, admiring the fairy tale of memories.

The artist was born in Uzbekistan in 1977. Since 2003 she has been living in Germany. Works in Guohua technique, textural abstract painting and mixed media. Only in 2022 did she decide to participate in the exhibition for the first time.

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