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Love in my universe

pencil, paper, 20,8х29,6

Ukraine & Russia



This picture has many meanings. My task is not to tell about them, but to enable a person to consider and see something about herself, her inner world.
This process helps to find a projection of oneself and realize one's true state. Dialogue with the subconscious. This is a very healing process for a person.
For me, this picture is about love, inner strength, faith and trust. No matter what happens, you need to keep looking up, moving forward, believing in love, doing good and choosing life.

Artist, art therapist, creative healer, author of programs for women. 17 years in healing and painting opened up a new world for me. Plots are born in the process, or appear in the mind as full-fledged pictures. I work with oil, watercolor and pencil

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