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Sunrise with Koi Fish

oil on canvas 40x60




Koi fish are like paradise birds flying underwater. There Is something wonderful and tranquil about them. We can enjoy looking at koi for hours. It is the best meditation. Water in Florida has the natural color of old cognac, because the oak and cypress trees add the color into it. At sunset and sunrise time water turns to all shades of orange, pink, green and blue colors. That peaceful landscape also has the aroma of thousands of blooming plants and the songs of tropical birds. Welcome to tropical paradise!

Natasha Callahan was born in Ukraine. Now she lives in the USA. She started painting at the age 45 on Christmas 2016. Natasha paints with oil, acrylic. Her mural became a famous landmark. 5 exhibitions. 5 publications. Member of Oil Painters of America.

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