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Sunset on a Mountain Lake

2021, 60x50x2 cm, oil on stretched canvas, ready to hang



Olga (olkosi)

It is about the journey we are making, it is not an exact repetition of reality, it is our memories about inspiring soothing warm walk among the mountains along the lake shore in golden rays at sunset, about the mystery of life, about the all-encompassing splendor of nature, of which we ourselves are a part. Impressions are suggestive and a great source of inspiration. I'm passionate in using more bold strokes and vivid colors to create them. You will enjoy touching the texture of the painting.

I was born in Asia, so these are vivid impressions in my memory, reflected in my paintings with bright colors. Creativity has always been a part of my personality. It’s much easier for me to show the inner world by fine art than to explain something.

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