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Sweet Twist

50x50x2cm, Mixed-Media (acrylic, ink, structure paste).




„Flowers are like messengers of another world. Like a bridge between the world of physical forms and the formless. They exude not only a subtle smell, pleasant to people, but also an aroma from the kingdom of the spirit. If we understand the word "enlightenment" in a broader sense than the generally accepted one, we can consider flowers as the enlightenment of the plant world“.- Eckhart Tolle (paraphrased from German).

She would like to invite a viewer to immerse himself in a colorful yet calm world of impasto colors full of meditative floral magic.Imbued with symbolism, the blossoms are manifestations of her innermost emotions.

Born in Russia, Anastassia Skopp was raised by her Mom in the city of Saransk where she studied art for 7 years (1985-1992) at the Mordovian Art College named after P.F. Ryabov for children and young people. There she learned about drawing, composition, art of painting and sculpturing from well-known artists and painters.

In 1999, Anastassia graduated from the Mordovian State Pedagogical Institute in Saransk with a degree as a Teacher of German and English Languages. During her time at the institute, her love for art continued to grow and she attended art courses there for 2 years. Not long after graduation, she worked at the Mordovian State University in Saransk until she got married in 2002 and moved to Germany. Here in Germany, after a short career pause raising her daughters, she got to her painting brushes again and did not let go of them until today. In 2005, she officially became a freelance artist and successfully presented her paintings online.
Her works of art can be found in private collections around the world from Europe to the USA and Canada.

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