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The world reflects me

80/60/2 Oil on canvas on stretcher




All of our moods are created by ourselves.
Do we notice it, are we aware of it?
At the centre of the painting is a whirling girl in an orange dress, she is immersed in herself, and the whirling (Sufi whirling) has unwound her energy so that the world responds to her mood.
A girl spinning in the middle of sunflowers.
In one of my dreams I saw a sunflower - as a symbol of our divine origin.
We are suns with the seed of divinity, our moods reflected to the world. Create your own positivity.

I am a psychologist and I started painting in 2011, working with clients in art therapy.
I fell in love with painting and began to learn how to paint from modern masters.
Since 2018 I am participating in the Art Night art festival in Leipzig.

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