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Two boats

Canvas, oil, 50/40 centimeters




Evening. The soft light of the sun. Two boats are waiting for their fishermen. Soon they will come, untie the ropes from the shore, scoop up water from the boats that have fallen with the rain, and go fishing in the evening. Silence and peace. The beauty of tender orange clouds. The silence is broken only by the occasional splash of fish. And then two friends, a fisherman and a neighbor, will take their catch and go home to their families. And the boats will be waiting for them again.

Born in Chelyabinsk, currently lives and works in Sholokhov places, on the banks of the Don.
Mother of six children. A student of the famous Don artists Kulikovsky V.A., Kovalev A.P. Museum employee M.A. Sholokhov. Member of the ASM club.

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