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Eiffel Tower - the best Christmas tree

54 х 65 х 2 Canvas, oil



Martin Dinerman

Nat Martin is a self-taught artist. In Moscow she studied interior design and attended an beaux-arts studio. At 40 years old she moved to France. Nowadays Nat works on painting oil/acrylic pictures and continue attend the beaux-art studio in Paris.

The best Christmas tree is the Eiffel Tower! How often have you dreamed of visiting Paris? Especially around Christmas. This legendary city is beautiful in any season, even in winter, but Parisian streets are especially attractive in December. Festively decorated window displays, illumination, the smell of coffee, pastries and the anticipation of shopping. And of course strolls at the Eiffel Tower. May a miracle happen to you - Christmas in Paris! Le meilleur sapin de Noël c’est La Tour Eiffel!

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