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Olechka Vik



The universe is infinite. Or not.
The infinite the intellect cannot embrace. I can’t but I try.
Rebirth is an infinite process.

The night sky is filled with an infinity of stars.
A universe died somewhere in space. Some universe was born in space.

Do you remember the Moscow Olympiad in 1980? I don’t remember. But my parents remember about it. Remembering is in my memory of this event.
How much new and amazing happened after this event!
How many different and unusual people were born after the Moscow Olympiad!

Olympic bear was a vivid symbol of the Olympiad. The memory of him is reborn in new generations.

The memory of the artist who invented the Olympic bear lives among people. Victor Chizhikov is an artist genius.

The most amazing things about nature is its infinite reborn.

2019-2021 studied various techniques in painting
2022 - transferred my conclusions what I heard to the canvases
By 2023 - the decision to get out of the shadows and to say that I am an artist.
February 2023 – participation in the International Art Exhibition Winter’s Tales: between dream and reality. St. Petersburg in the Lines.Gallery

March 2023 - Etcetera

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