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Kristina Goncharuk



Oil. Canvas.
Today I want to share with you an amazing work of art
that is not only beautiful, but also conveys spiritual support with every
stroke of paint, every color. This is a picture that will become
a real talisman and a source of inspiration for you.
Every detail created in this painting gently
conveys to us its energy and spiritual essence.
The colors in the picture are not
just paints, they are real energy that charges and restores
our strength.
Looking at this picture, you can feel its magic and energy.
I am sure that the painting will attract your attention with its uniqueness and
originality. It's not just an interior piece, it's a whole world that
will open up in front of you every time you look at it.
It serves as a reminder to us that each of us, I, you, came into this world with his talent and his mission. We are all needed here, each of us is unique. Prove yourself! We're here again, why? Everyone will answer for himself.

Kristina Goncharuk teacher-artist
He is a member of the Professional Union of Artists of Russia;
Resident in the Professional International Club of Artists (ASM-CLUB);
Resident of the Italian Union of Artists EOS;
Member of the art community in Berlin;
Writes paintings to order;
More than 80 paintings have been painted, of which more than 20 are copyrighted works;
Works on the project "Hands"

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