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Yulia Isaeva



Given the modern context of time, I see that there will be a new scenario of interaction between man and nature: the concept of transformation. And I call this movement the word "Meta-" (from the Greek meta - "between", "after", "beyond") is a change of state or transformation. And that is why the picture "Fusion" depicts a blue form, reborn or dissolving in a blue haze. It can be a river in a haze or an airplane wing against a background of clouds, which a person looks at from the porthole. Thus, everything on the planet is interconnected: both nature and man. The picture "Fusion" leaves room for dialogue with the viewer, his associations and meanings. Looking closely at the picture, the viewer will find the answer inside himself - this is the rebirth of a person - a conscious person who moves to a new level and stage of harmonious relationship with the surrounding world.

Yulia Isayeva was born in Moscow. Member of the Professional Union of Artists, member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia, member of the art association in Italy. She studied at the School of Contemporary Art "Free Workshops" of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. Participated in Russian and international exhibitions: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Parma (Italy), Budapest (Hungary), Miami (USA).

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