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Angelic radiance


Irina Selina


After several years of changing the worldview of society, I painted a picture. In it I reveal a new cycle of movement of modern civilization: the unity of nature and man. I see that people, like caterpillars, will be reborn into beautiful butterflies who, through their actions, will create a new concept on Earth. Technologies will become not the main component of society, but assistants in the hands of humane creators. Now we are at a crossroads, and which road to choose depends only on us.

Irina Selina is a contemporary artist, illustrator, and stained glass artist in whose paintings one can sense original awareness, sensual femininity and gentle beauty.
More than 30 personal and joint exhibitions, publications in art magazines around the world.
Irina is a resident of the international association of artists ASM CLUB.
The artist says this about her work: “Words are not enough to convey my feelings, so I use images, colors and shapes. Art in any form is an ordinary miracle!”

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