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Artificial photosynthesis


IREN TROI / Irina Troitskaya


Artificial photosynthesis on a large enough scale would reduce the greenhouse effect leading to dangerous climate change. Photos of skyscrapers were provided by my friend photographer Nikita Komarov. I, like a demiurge, planted trees on them - an example of human interaction with nature and technology, so that it would be possible to restore broken ties. This option may be prophetic, since scientific work is currently being carried out in this direction

2023 joined the Creative and Professional Unions of Artists of Russia
2022 resident of the International Association of Artists ASMCLUB
2020-2023 I improve my technique, volunteer at exhibitions, participant in 11 exhibitions, competitions, auctions
2000-2003 student of the Moscow School of Artistic Crafts / diploma with honors / qualification artist-master
1989-1993 student of the Children's Art School
The paintings sold are in private collections

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