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At the_Dawn


Anastacia Gaikova



Dawn... The moment when the world awakens from a deep slumber and eagerly embraces a new day. The surroundings are shrouded in mist, but soon, the sun's first rays will break through the horizon, infusing everything with boundless vitality.

Dawn symbolizes hope and endless possibilities. In this fleeting moment, impossibilities dissolve, leaving behind any troubles and challenges. The future stands wide open, beckoning. It is a time of enchantment, a chance to let go of the past and begin anew, a time for rebirth.

I am an artist from Belarus from Mogilev city. I studied painting on my own and online. I specialize in texture painting, mainly in abstract landscapes. I have been studying the culture of ancient civilizations since the beginning of 2023 and this topic has been reflected in my works. I am taking part in international and local exibitions, art festivals. I give performances and master classes.

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