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Between the skies


Natalia Nik



This painting is about inner transformation and rebirth. I wrote it in two stages. The first layer is night and a lonely crescent moon. In the second stage - I created a surreal dawn by applying bright colors over the dark tones of the night. The process itself gave me the opportunity to live through all the shades of the state: from depressive and sad to something not yet clear, chaotic, and then confidently to bright hope and a flash of light. Yes, but let's be realistic, the darkness does not go away immediately and for good, so the presence of the night remains. As an accent and an emotional touch, I stitched the canvas with gold thread, it connects the past darkness and the light of the rising sun. How everything in our life is connected, both good and bad.

Artist and illustrator Natalia Nik (Nikulina). Originally Russian, recently based in Hungary.
Her paintings and graphics are her intimate, confidential conversation with the world. Natalia shares her understanding of the harmony and diversity of the world through artistic language.
Her artworks participate in international exhibitions and competitions some of her paintings have awards.

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