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Zhuk (Kuzmina)


Bharatanatyam is a type of Indian concert dance. It was originally performed by temple-dancer women. The plots of choreography expressed legends of the god in whose honor the temple was built, narrating their deeds of fighting against demons.
It was believed that all events in the dance were lived out in reality, so the outcome of the battle depended on the skills of the performer: for the god’s victory, they had to perform the dance without a flaw.

Elena was born in Russia, in Mozhaisk. Now she lives in the Moscow region. She is a financial specialist of the first degree. She has been working at bank for 13 years. She has got two children, nowadays she became highly interested in arts and decided to change her career. From 2018 to 2023 she studied at the Correspondence People's University of Arts in Moscow.

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