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Margo Miro



The Big Data Baby is an homage to Salvador Dali's "Geopolitical Child Watching the Birth of a New Man".
The new human "Big Data Child" is a child who looks at the new modern world with fear, but with interest.
I care about technological progress and its global impact on our lives. I'm worried about how technology can change our lives and our culture in the future. We need to be careful and make sure we use technology for the good of humanity. This can be useful for the development of society and solving global problems, but it can also lead to the spread of misinformation and increase social inequalities. Therefore, it is important to develop critical thinking and the ability to analyze information in order to effectively use the opportunities provided by big data.

Received a master's degree in design from the Academy of Architecture and Art in Yekaterinburg, specializing in fashion design in 1999.She worked in a large production, creating the design of household items and packaging, as well as women's clothing in the clothing industry. She designed the interiors of residential and public buildings.Painted interior walls.
Now he teaches drawing and painting,

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