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Birth of the Demiurge


Anastasiia Sikorskaya



"Birth of the Demiurge"
Oil on canvas, with gold and copper leaf. 60x80 cm.
The painting depicts the Demiurge, emerging from the Heart of the World, from the primeval Chaos. It is a peacefully sleeping Infant, surrounded by delicate and feeble butterfly wings that belong to him. These wings, like the ribs of a Mother, shield him and hold within them great Power. The power to create his own existence, embodying his true, dual Nature in this new World. Thus, each of us is free to choose our own path, to be reborn, and to seek and maintain a connection with the Source. We hold within us the tremendous power of fresh, eternally new breath of life, which is bestowed upon us with our first inhale and departs with our last. Having endured countless hardships, the loss of home, the loss of loved ones in times of war, and having lost faith in a hopeful future for myself, I never thought I would find strength and inspiration to live again. I witnessed how my daughter lost them, lost trust in the

Anastasiia Sikorskaya, born in Gorlovka, studied at the Odessa School of Arts and Culture named after K.F. Dankievich. She is a member of the ASM_Club, an international association of artists. She worked as a research fellow and assistant caretaker of collections at the A.I. Kuindzhi Art Museum in Mariupol. In addition, she taught drawing, coloristics, and art history at the Computer Academy "Shag

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