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Marina Kuznetsova



The burst of sunlight can be seen as a metaphor for life and hope as opposed to dark and heavy shadows. The sun, truth, light and victory break through the dense clouds of difficulties and fears, illuminating the road and directing to the path of enlightenment.
This is a symbolic representation of a person's struggle with internal and external difficulties. Black clouds of experiences, suffering, doubts and dark periods of life. But the light promises to overcome these difficulties and hope for a better future.
This is the philosophical "unity and struggle of opposites". Without darkness and uncertainty, we cannot appreciate and feel light and clarity, and harmony and beauty arise from these contrasts.
It inspires to show strength, optimism and confidence in spite of difficulties, calls to seek enlightenment and truth, and also to believe that after each unfavorable period, a bright future comes.

I was born and live in Moscow. Higher technical education. She started drawing in 2019 when she came out
retired and had a lot of free time. It turns out that the best cure for depression is creativity. Online studied academic
discipline, took courses in dry pastel, palette knife
painting and stylization, textural
interior painting. Member of the Union of Russian Artists. I participate i

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