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Olya Enina



Original painting represents a significant change or metamorphosis. This transformation symbolizes letting go of one's former self, shedding old beliefs, behaviors, and embracing a new identity and state of being.
The soap bubbles carry multiple symbolic meanings in the artwork. They represent the fragility of life, evoking a sense of delicacy and vulnerability. The bubbles, being iridescent and reflecting various hues, symbolize the multifaceted aspects of human experience and emotions. Each bubble holds a moment, a memory, or an emotion, highlighting the diversity and complexity of the human journey.
After the woman’s transformation, she may be reborn into a different existence, free from past burdens and limitations. This painting emphasize the cyclical nature of life, where endings lead to new beginnings.
Painting Bubbles invites the viewer to contemplate the impermanence of existence, the passing of time, and the significance of cherishing the present moment.

Olya Enina is an artist from Moldova. She depicts familiar things in unexpected colors, thereby inviting the viewer to look at the familiar from a different angle. Her works are experiments with techniques and styles that allow you to immerse yourself in the world of dreams.
She is a member of the international association "ASM club" and actively participates in international exhibitions.

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