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Svetlana Ivanova



Description of the painting "Comfort".
The rebirth of the Earth, I see in this the beginning of a new life. New life as a newborn baby, we are used to rejoicing in such a miracle.We are all children of the Earth.The earth raises us and protects us from the external aggressive environment.Our consciousness is still in its infancy. When the baby is small, they give him more sleep, this is necessary for the maturation of the psycho-emotional type in a person.To grow up not only physically but also emotionally, this requires a long life path full of events and mistakes. How can we all suddenly grow up?No, the Earth will not let itself be offended and will not let us perish from its stupidity!She took care of us and herself and will save us again.The earth will wake us up.But there is no need to be afraid, we wake up slowly and have time to get used to it.My message is to trust and accept everything that happens, it will definitely make us better!

Hello, my name is Svetlana Ivanova.I write only in oil.I am engaged in self-education.It has been presented on marketplaces since 2021. I have been participating in exhibitions since 2022.Methods naive art, impressionism, symbolism.

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