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Irina Talibova


Snowflake, flower, grass, autumn leaf... Winter, spring, summer, autumn... Winter. Like the seasons, there are different periods in the life of each of us - one replaces the other. Everything is cyclical and, at the same time, unique - these are the wonders of being.

I am Irina Talibova. Abstract artist.
I strive to balance emotions and rationality in my work.
The complex and confusing world of feelings, emotions on the one hand, and the simplicity and orderliness of abstraction on the other, became a symbiosis for me, which allowed me to depict the immaterial in the form of simplified metaphorical forms.
The concept of my works allows you to understand complex and confusing things, to comprehend them, to look at the incomprehensible and ephemeral, through the prism of understandable forms.

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