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Mari Drako



The painting "Dawn" embodies the beauty of nature and its ability to overcome challenges. It also symbolizes inner transformation. Similar to a sunrise, we can rejuvenate and start a new chapter in life. When we close one stage of life, we enter a new, more perfect and full of possibilities chapter. We often fear change because it brings uncertainty and unfamiliarity. However, the painting "Dawn" reminds us that without darkness, there can be no light. And it is only through overcoming difficulties that we can achieve well-being and personal growth.
Reflect on your relationship with the world around you and with yourself. It is important not to be afraid of change and to embrace the new opportunities that await us ahead.

Mari Drako.Born in Belarus in February 1983.
Currently lives and works in St. Petersburg, Russia
Artist's statement: I am an aspiring artist. I believe that the power of the creator lies dormant in everyone and if it wakes up, you do incredible things for yourself.
Education: Studied at:Ivan Nikolaevich
List of exhibitions: July 2023 "Live", St. Petersburg
auction: June 2023 "colors of summer" Ru

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