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Elena Gladkova


Russian Federation

When we come into this world, we look at everything that surrounds us with a naive childish look, we learn and explore. But one day in the life of each of us there comes a moment when we stop being children. It was this moment that I captured in my work “Doberman”. The character of my picture was flighty and spontaneous yesterday, and today we have a mature dog in front of us. You can read the dignity and nobility of an intelligent adult Doberman in his gaze. This look shows that the dog has not just grown up. He became different internally. His perception of the world around him has changed. This is called rebirth.

Artist, painter. In 2005 graduated from Voronezh State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Faculty of Architecture, specialty Architectural Environment Design. Returned to the fine arts after a 17 year break in 2022. I work mainly in the animalistic genre, in the style of realism. I paint with acrylic on canvas.

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