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Swetlana Samsonova


Many nations consider the eagle to be the most powerful bird. According to legends and myths, it is compared to a deity. It was believed that if the eagle flies over the army, then these warriors are sure to win the battle.
Proud, large and predatory bird, very beautiful, not in vain the image of the eagle associated with courage, majesty and virility.

I am a self-taught and beginner artist. My story started 6 years ago with health problems (psychosomatic), antidepressants didn't help me. But when I was on a yoga tour in China, I noticed that I had no health problems when I was painting (we also studied Chinese painting).
From that moment my life changed. I went to art school in 1975-1979 in a small town in Kirov region, but after graduation I did not pick up paints all these years. So I started with intuitive gouache painting. During this time I tried many techniques, but by far my favorite is oil.
I'm learning all the time and I'm still looking for my style. I am an engineer by education and I think I lack imagination in my art. But I try very hard!!!!

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