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Early spring


Inessa Aleshina



Rebirth in our world happens all the time. In precellular level objects and in mega-scale ocean spaces. We are witnessing the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly and the scientific research of materials capable of transforming human organs and tissues.
And I want to turn in this topic to such a familiar, but no less fascinating process of rebirth from year to year.
Who visits us again every spring.
The snow is just beginning to melt and spring, coming into its own, renews everything around.
The rapid movement of juices through the capillaries of trees is beyond the control of even a sensitive ear.
Spring is in a hurry to wake up the juices so that the greenery of the coming summer will burst out of the sleeping buds, tearing their dense peel.
In the meantime, the birches, located on a hillock, only dream about it.
But the first thawing around the trunks already hint at these turbulent events coming in the near future, lurking and ready to explode with another Rebirth!

I studied painting at the Children's Art School and at the University of Arts. I took lessons from masters working with various materials and techniques.
I am developing my online art studio. For beginners, I use a unique technique based on the
Eastern tradition.
I am a member of two creative unions. International creative association of artists ASM-club.
And the Italian Cultural Association EOS.

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