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SElena SElena



The theme "Rebirth" helped me to discover a new facet of creativity with the help of abstraction, and this was my personal experience in psychotechnics. During the creation of the painting with the help of painting, a transformation took place. My psychological trauma was transformed, and it was felt during the creative process on the canvas. Applying smear after smear, I regained peace, inner harmony. I expressed my emotional process of rebirth in the color scheme, in the rhythm from dark to light and to golden-ochre color with the addition of original textures. Now, thanks to the personal experience that I have already experienced, I can say with confidence that painting is a great creative and restorative force.

SElena was born and lives in Moscow. She was educated in restoration and easel painting, mosaics and iconography. She is a member of the Professional and Creative Union of Russian Artists. In her work, she rethinks the experience of the great masters of antiquity, such as A. Rublev, Dionysius, El Greco, as well as contemporary artists, including Van Gogh, Matisse, Zverev and Kazarin.

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