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Fifth element


Ianita Solnechnaia



What does rebirth mean for a woman? This is an exemption that no longer serves us well, this is the discovery of its new facets, femininity and lightness.
This artwork shows 5 elements of the Universe, four of which are symbolically depicted: wind, fire, earth and water. The 5th element is love, which is present in the image of the female face. A woman is the embodiment of love, its quintessence, this is the fifth element that combines incredible power that can heal, delight, inspire, envelop with tenderness.

Yanita Sunny is a self-taught artist, traveller and energy therapist. She works in style she called Energy art. Her acrylic paintings filled with joy, light, love and depth. Yanita is participant of streetart festival in Germany and exhibitions in Europe. She creates streetart, digital art and NFT.

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