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by Tata



veryone is born to be free. Children try on their parents' shoes and live by their rules for many years. You can only find yourself by realizing that you now have your own shoes... and leaving the house barefoot!

Alekhina Natalya was born in St. Petersburg on February 17, 1982. She studied the art of portraiture with the famous portrait painter Vasily Saprykin. Natalia was taught realism by Yulia Kapustina. Maria Pavlova taught how to convey the volume and tenderness of flowers, as well as the mossy nature of a village landscape. Yulia Barminova taught how to convey the depth and richness of sea water using watercolors. In her paintings, Natalya Alekhina combines various techniques. He likes to clarify small details and give meaning to pictures through associations and signs. The paintings have an alluring want to look at them. Natalya sees a complete picture of a person’s world and returns to him the missing pieces of the puzzle through a picture. Together with the picture, a person finds himself.

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