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In the light


Irina Bach



The painting depicts a female figure in moonlight, immersed in water. It symbolizes the connection between the worlds of Light and Darkness, the constant cycle of life - from birth to death and then new rebirth. This is the great law of Life and its main mystery. In psychology, the element of water is considered a symbol of the unconscious and is associated with intuition and deep emotions. The water in the painting represents life itself, its purity, eternal movement, constant renewal, and infinite rebirth. The trees here serve as metaphors for spiritual growth. As keepers of wisdom, they symbolize the connection between heaven and earth. The moon reminds the viewer of lunar cycles, periods of growth, fullness, depletion, and always followed by new Rebirth. The painting as a whole invites reflection on the deep natural symbolism of water, trees, the moon, and explores the meaning of rebirth and spiritual growth.

Irina Bach is an artist from Germany. She conveys the intensity of her perspective on the world through expressiveness and symbolism. Her works are characterized by brightness of color, variety of forms, and blending of techniques. She studied under Elena Belikova at a private Academy of Painting in Germany. Irina participates in international exhibitions and competitions, and her works have been

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