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Oxana Lukyanenko



In the painting we observe the birth of a new universe in the form of a spiral. The spiral was formed due to a big explosion and the light broke into many pixels, forming an infinite number of shades. Spirals here as a metaphorical definition of infinity, the evolution of the Universe, changes in the natural World,
spirals as a symbol of space-time, the multidimensional structure of the universe. And since the Spiral is a single code of a single world, laid down by Mother Nature as the basis of everything living and inanimate, it is also important for Humanity to fit into the code of the spiral.
And whatever the rebirth, the movement in a spiral determines the life of the Universe - as infinite.

Oxana Luky works in several styles. She is interested in the properties and wildness of watercolor, the softness and suppleness of oils, and both of these techniques are endless fantasy and a limitless field for creativity.
Member of the Union of Watercolorists of Russia . Resident of the international community of artists ASM Club.
Participant more than 10 international and Russian exhibitions.

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