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Svetlana Serikova



"Interaction" is a discussion about the interaction of human desires and thoughts with the Universe, where particles of formed messages tend to an unknown world.
The very theme of the exhibition “Rebirth” has become for me as a sign and symbol that I am moving towards my dreams and goals in the right direction. This picture has already become a landmark for me, it was in the process of its creation that my interaction with the outside world was rethought. It is through creativity to express what to strive for development and not be afraid, because interacting with the universe you always choose the path to your personal growth.
It is impossible to be afraid of changes – this is the way of development and only in this way, by closing one door, you can open another, the ability not to lose what is important and acquire new things along the way is the main task of soul growth.

Svetlana Serikova (born in 1977, Tashkent, Uzbekistan), now I live and work in Kaliningrad, a member of the Union of Russian Artists. One of the organizers of the Art community of artists "YOUR PICTURE". Participant of international competitions as part of the Art group "Orsa Maggione". Member of the organizing committee of the Kaliningrad group from the Union of Russian Artists for the implementa

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