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It all depends on us...


Olga Tsesevichene


I saw this in a dream. Strange black fish swiming pass through either in the red water or in the sky, dead trees devoid of roots, ghostly shadows on the horizon... What is this? Premonition or warning?
Twelve paper Japanese cranes as the symbol of hope in the bright dawn sky or water. How to look at it. But they are also a warning that all depends on us now...
The work can be viewed by turning it 180 degrees, but even then - It all depends on us...

Olga Tsesevichene was born, lives and works in Russia.
She graduated from Art College and The State university from the Department in the History of Art and psychology. Received her PhD degree in philosophy. She paints mainly in acrylic, less often in oil, watercolor and in mixed media. Resident of the ASM club.

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