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Journey Beyond the Chasm


Aleksandra Svetlichnaya



Rebirth is change; it is transformation. Rebirth is the universe and its laws, an endlessly circulating flow of energy. We are particles of this flow and these laws, continuously undergoing cycle of rebirth. In morality, physically and spiritually, in our aims, opinions, in our path - we are rebirth.

My artwork portrays the stream of universal rebirth and the evolution of the soul. Every one of us is a part of the "Journey Beyond the Chasm." We are kindred particles of change. The small white pebbles in the painting are specks of human souls awaiting their rebirth.

The essence of my work lies in the fact that, like these little birds, we overcome endless intricate paths to become ourselves, yet forget that we are already magnificent, as part of the rebirth of the universal flow.

Born in a small town in the middle of the southern Russian steppe. Graduated from an art school, led by locally renowned artist Elena Susina. Studied in the field of Graphic Design and later graduated from the Moscow Academy of Professional competencies with a degree as a Teacher of Fine Arts and Design. I am proud to have been recognized as a prize winner in Competitions in Spain and the UK.

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