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labyrinths of life


Olga Kokoreva



Man will always be guided by the principles of anthropocentrism, it is inherent in his nature. We come into this life to revolve endlessly in routine in our era of consumption, thinking that the world revolves around us. But as a result, we become a mere handful of ashes and little changes with the realization that humanity is destroying itself. We create new technologies to please our own laziness, so that it would be easier to live, but so gradually kill in ourselves not only the "skillful man", but also reasonable. In order to change something, everyone must want to start changing himself. This is the only way to salvation, because it is impossible to force mankind to do something.

She was educated as an architect in Moscow. She moved to St. Petersburg and studied painting and graphics with graduates of the Academy of Arts.
I have been engaged in fine arts for more than 12 years. Worked in oil, watercolor, now I use pastel, both dry and oil as a working material. I am a member of the national union of pastelists
I took part in more than10 different group exhibitions

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