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Man Walking Forward


Alexandra KAZAKOVA



The central theme of the painting revolves around the concept of movement and progress, much like the cyclical nature of rebirth. The figure of a man, as he walks forward, becomes a powerful metaphor for the ongoing evolution of the human spirit. It symbolizes not only the inherent yearning for self-improvement and growth, but also for the continuous renewal of the self, shedding old layers and embracing the new. This portrayal captures the essence of transformation, highlighting the parallels between the individual's inner journey and the cycles of rebirth found in nature. The man's stride signifies not just forward motion, but a perpetual cycle of becoming, a rebirth with each step. Just as nature renews itself in seasons, the human spirit has the potential to rejuvenate through self-discovery and self-realization. Every step taken is not just a step forward, but a rebirth into a new phase of existence.

Alexandra KAZAKOVA lives and works in Paris.
Fascinated with psychology and particularly the relationship between people, Alexandra represents human feelings and relationships through shadows, lines and color.
"Each of us carries our own stories, our own pains, our own hopes and dreams".
Creativity for her is a way of self-discovery and self-development.

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