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Morning in the spring garden


Alla Jaunatre


This spring garden reminds us of the natural cycle of life, the constant process of transformation and rebirth. The way nature transforms into lush landscapes and blooming beauty after winter underscores the continuity and vitality of nature.
The bluebirds in the foreground symbolize the joy of renewal. With the advent of spring, they fill the space with their happy chirping, inviting us to rejoice in the transformation and find inspiration and hope in our own journey of renewal and growth.

2022-2023 - membership in the international artists' association ASM-Club.
2016-2018 - Studio "da Vinci", Villarrobledo, Spain.
2012-2015 - Studio "Amideos", Moscow.
2023 - special project within the exhibition "Earth Reborn. Ver.23." at the Darwin Musiem, Moscow.
2023 - International art exhibition "I Am Woman! I Am the Center of the World!", Moscow.
2022 - special project within the exhibition "Earth. Ver. 20.22. Why Does an Android Need Nature?", Darwin Museum, Moscow.

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