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Northern Phoenix


Olesia Dolgal



A red Phoenix surrounded by snowflakes is depicted on the canvas. It rises again from the ashes thanks to Art - its creative pursuits.
The Magic Bird keeps the brush in the beak and takes the paints right from its flaming heart. The essence of my picture is to show combination of opposites which are two elements: cold snow and hot fire. These contrasts go well together in the character of the person. I mean myself by the person. And the picture title is my pseudonym.
One more meaning of the artwork is throes of creation and burning in agony. But creative process itself gives bright emotions to the artists.
That is why here is the third meaning – transformation, saving from death through Art. When an artist dies, his paintings remain to live.

A professional artist, graphic designer and 3D-visualizer. A member of Artists Trade Union of Russia and international association of artists ASM-club. Сreative pseudonym - Northern Phoenix. In my artworks I use various techniques such as acrylics, watercolor, pastel, pencils. Acrylic painting is my passion for more than 7 years.

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