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Odessa Reborn


Svetlana Svoff



Transformation is a process of change, renewal, and rebirth. The destroyed altar and cathedral symbolize the end and decline. However, Jesus rising into the heavens is a symbol of hope for rebirth and a new beginning. Even after destruction and loss, there is still the possibility of transformation and rebirth. Transformation is a process of inner change. Jesus rising into the heavens symbolizes the spiritual rebirth of a person for me. Through faith and overcoming difficulties, one can experience their own transformation, shedding old patterns of thinking and habits, and discovering new horizons. Furthermore, transformation is a cyclical process. Everything in this world is subject to change and development. The old gives way to the new. Jesus rising into the heavens symbolizes a new phase in this cycle, where something new emerges from the ruins of the old. Everything in this world has its time and place, and through transformation, one can find new possibilities and meaning in life.

The author of works in the genre of Russian, seascape, portrait, still life, in the technique of bas-relief and sculptural bas-relief.
Studied under:Veronika Kalachyova,S.A. Brusilov.
2023 June to present “Places Connected with V.I. Vernadsky”
2023 "Dali's Mustache", Spain, Ist place
2023 "Bright colors of summer"

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