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Origins of a new birth.


Elena Ledovskikh



A person was so carried away by the race for the level of technical progress that he forgot the most important thing - the development of his spiritual component. A person is not only a physical body. We're a lot more than just shells. Our purpose is to comprehensively develop our capabilities, abilities, talents, to be the creator of our destiny. Through the work "The Source of a New Birth" I show the birth of a new consciousness of an awakened person who understands the essence of phenomena, has sacred knowledge, understands the nature of symbols, sounds, colors, forms and combines all knowledge into a single science when knowing the world around him. The path to the evolution of man's new consciousness is a deep understanding of himself, his nature, essence and relationship with the whole world around him. The desire to act for the good of ourselves and people, guided by conscience, honor and justice. Its level of evolution is related to the ability to enlighten, cosmic love.

As an artist, I am interested in the possibility of reviving the spiritual life of modern man. I am looking for a harmonious image of a person in which the present and the heritage of the past do not contradict each other. For me, painting is an opportunity to think, to imagine a person who has found a humane use of modern technologies. My art is an experiment, when you can connect the time and sp

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