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Phoenix bird


Irina Lisina



Rebirth. We do not know anything about what happened and what will happen even more so. Myths and tales that have come down to us convince us that everything will be fine. The Phoenix legend tells the story of how a sunbird descended to the ground, so beautiful that even the stars circled, welcomed its arrival. Where Phoenix appears, feuds end and the holiday begins, and the warmth and light in the breath of the bird of fire warm everyone around. The Phoenix is a mythological bird that symbolizes happiness, immortality, rebirth and glory. No other creature is as symbolic of eternal life as the Phoenix bird, famous for its beauty and courage. The bird has the ability to burn itself and revive from the ashes. In many myths, the bird is associated with the rise of the Sun, with the rebirth and revival of a new life. Phoenix Bird is a symbol of the inner purification of man in the process of spiritual growth and overcoming the material world in favor of deeper and more important values. I

The dream of childhood to draw came true at the age of 50 +, when there was an irresistible desire to draw. The self-taught artist studied online for 4 years with different masters in different directions, mastered new techniques and materials.
Creativity is the language my Soul speaks. Currently, a member of the Professional Union of Artists of Russia is included in the Unified Art Register of Ar

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