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Place of power





Our life and everything that happens in it is our choice. This is not a coincidence or an accident. Everything goes on as usual. Changes happen in our life, although many people want certainty. But, if we do not live what we should, we will not achieve our goals. Failure is part of the plan for our success. And if you accept it humbly, then luck will accompany us on the road. After all, in every bad there is good, and vice versa. And it is important to close the past with a key, taking only experience from there. Closing one stage of life, we open a new one. It is important to do this on the basis of knowledge, and not from pain and mistakes - then the path will be easier. Switzerland is my place of strength. My dreams told me this.

I am a painter. Illustrator. I have been doing art since childhood. At the moment I am painting in different techniques. I also teach painting. My creative credo is how I feel, based on my feelings, observations and attitudes towards the world around me. I love this life and try to convey all the beauty of my vision to the canvas. My paintings are about love and kindness, about understandable thin

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