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Planet reborn


Larisa Robins



The idea of the rebirth of a planet is intriguing and often portrayed in various forms of storytelling and mythology. It typically involves a planet going through a significant transformation or renewal process, leading to its revitalization and rejuvenation.

In science fiction, this concept could include terraforming, where a barren or uninhabitable planet is altered to become hospitable for life. Alternatively, it might involve the recovery of a planet from a catastrophic event, like an asteroid impact or environmental collapse.

In a metaphorical sense, the rebirth of a planet might symbolize the renewal of hope, resilience, and positive change for a society or civilization facing challenges.

To further my ability as an artist I joined a number of local art societies; initially choosing those that ran educational courses, then moving to those that organised events where my pictures could be displayed. I currently hold the status of Exhibiting Member with two local societies and regularly exhibit in both Winchester and Farnham.

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