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Pomegranate tree


Marina Grigoryeva



This painting has a symbolic meaning of that which never fades and pervades all of the existence - the energy of love, the energy of creation. It is an essential web of creation, not seen to the naked eye, yet felt by the gentle heart. I chose the geometric pattern commonly known as "flower of life" to be the structural base for it for that reason, and this painting continues the Flower of Life series. Pomegranate is symbolic in many cultures. It is sacred, just like the geometric pattern.
The painting went through the stages from the rainbow undercolor to the deep red background. I wanted to show the unity of all that exists on this planet. And the tree is a perfect symbol for that, in my opinion. "What's above so is below". I've chosen to show this tree in bloom, before the fruit - to capture the transitional moment when the beauty and sweetness of the flower promises the fruits to come, and it is inevitable, like every life cycle in nature having it's stages, constantly changing.

I make art when there is a desire to express something bigger, as in "there is no way otherwise". It can be called as streams of the collective unconscious, when something is recognized and resonates with my personal perception. My works are a reflection of the tortuous and multifaceted path of the soul.

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