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Anna Gofman



Term ‘rebirth’ I understand as a transition to a new level of perception, of developing. This work tells about a path which has been passed from a posed question to the crystal clarity of insight through a long and sometimes painful process, a conflict, a series of reflections, small guesses and wandering in the dark.
The painting is an experiment and it is made using silicone which simulates physical properties of human skin. Touch the matte surface and feel it hides the thoughts and feelings of a living person who wondered, pondered and, in the end, came to insight.
This work is a part of a continuing series.

Anna was born in Russia in 1984.
She experiments with different mediums and genres.
Anna is a member of the International Association of Artists ASM-Club and a member of The Nordic Watercolour Society.
Her paintings are in private collections in Sweden, Portugal, Russia.
Lives and works in Sweden.

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