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Rebirth 2.0


Lina Ditman



What is the hardest thing for a person to accept? What happens to us about every second. This update is internal and external. We do want to freeze and plunge into the familiar, understandable and predictable. Illusion of joy in stagnation. But where there is no death, there is no life. A new habit will replace the old one only when something inside changes, dies and gets reborn. So that a human begins to take care of the nature around, the practice of thoughtless consumption must die. So that a human begins to create something, his fears must die. So that a human begins to learn to love others, his self-hatred must die. And we need to be a careful observer to notice what we already need to let go. Then the wheel of samsara will spin and rebirth will take place. Then it will be possible to create your life in a new way. But this is the touch of the doorhandle leading us into the unknown. It can be difficult to make a decision to open it and take the first step.

Lina Ditman lives in Moscow. She attended art school, then worked as an illustrator for a youth newspaper. Having a psychological education, Lina reveals the inner world of a person showing his true undisguised feelings through color and form in her works.

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