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Grigo Sashe



The rebirth I portray is experienced after significant trauma, where the old self - the false self - is shattered and we are split open.
Through the process of socialisation we adapt to our environment taking on traits, beliefs and behaviours of our surrounding and rejecting, disowning, disassociating from who we are deep down.
Rebirth involves the death of the old self. It is a challenging time of complete identity dissolution when one can feel broken… but it’s also a chance to build the self back up.
This process of reintegration involves embracing our inner child, learning to meet its needs - learning to REALLY be our true selves.
The red to purple colours on the upper part of the painting represent the 7 chakras, from Root to Crown, symbolising complete alignment - this is when the true self is integrated. 
The dissolving cracked body beneath it represents the dissolution of the false self and the flaking off of outside expectations, projections, beliefs that are not our own

My artistic journey started in Lithuania, this is where I received my 9 years of training in fine art.
2011-2021 - have been years of search and experimentation, in which I tried many styles, directions and art roles, including sign painter, portrait artist, illustrator, art tutor... in London and later Hungary.
Today, my art is infused with all these experiences and transformed into paintings

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