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Aigul Hanoyan



A woman is the source of new life, her dress is the universe, her hair is developed by the wind of change, she leads the universe towards the sun in the form of a flower of life, which includes 13 system information that underlies everything from the structure of a living cell to the structure of the Universe. The Flower of Life is an almost perfect image of the matrix of life in space and time with the presence of complete harmony and universal order. All living beings in our universe develop according to this matrix. It contains mathematical formulas, the laws of modern physics, the harmony of music and the biological principles of the organization of life throughout the universe.

2001 - 2006 - Art school. Graduated with honors. Until the age of 15, during her studies, she won various competitions, published in the media and received scholarships.
After graduating from art school, he was no longer engaged in creativity. Today is 4 months since I officially call myself an artist

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